Gray hair generates huge viewer feedback

San Francisco-based CBS broadcaster, Dana King recently did something journalists generally try to avoid: she became the story – but in a good way.

Challenging the orthodoxy of “looking-younger-is-necessary” in the broadcast news business, the 50-something Ms. King stopped dying her hair, saying:

For me, it was a decision about matching my looks with my experience.

Ms. King received more correspondence about daring to share her silver locks than any story she’d done in 25 years – and 99.9% of it was supportive.

A few of the contributors to I Feel Great About My Hands write about the phenomenon. Diana Majury, while acknowledging that not covering the gray may make people perceive her as old, doesn’t mind her gray hair (see May 29 post for Diana’s own head of salt and pepper). Susan Mertens, in contrast, provides a quirky take on the issue in her piece called, tellingly, “Why I Dye My Hair.”

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