Apr 28 2011

Who exactly is Lubo Kransky anyway?

Last night at Ben McNally’s books on Bay, actor and writer, Gail Kerbel left the enthusiastic book-buying crowd of 60 hanging…

Reading from her engaging piece, My Colonoscopy, she took us all up to the moment when she was standing there feeling internally evacuated in her open-backed hospital gown and socks, about to undergo the dreaded procedure.

It was then, that the familiar-looking man about to perform the deed introduced himself as “Lubo — Lubo Kransky!” — as if she should know. And indeed, she did.

But like the assembled last night, you’ll have to buy the book to find out the details. And when you do, you’ll discover many other gems, as well.

Apr 27 2011

“I wish I could be 50!”

This was my hands-down (pun intended) favourite reaction from one of the women attending the launch of the book in Ottawa last week. And no, she wasn’t 85; she was 30!

But she was so inspired by the wit, wisdom and warmth coming from the contributors who read that she suddenly aspired to embrace maturity years ahead of her time.

In less than two hours, we’ll be testing the reactions of women here in Toronto at an event at Ben McNally’s bookstore, featuring readings by Sheila Deane, Judy Rebick, Lyndsay Green, Gail Kerbel, Beth Atcheson, Meri Collier and Renate Mohr. Stay tuned!