May 20 2011

Radio listeners eager to share benefits

On CBC Radio earlier this week, Almanac host Mark Forsythe invited BC listeners to write in with their own reflections on the benefit of aging. At stake was a copy of the book. He then proceeded to email me their fabulous responses all afternoon, a few of which I’ve posted below.

Bill Good posed the same question on his show, and then opened up the CKNW phone lines. He, too, generated some great calls.

Clearly, there’s an audience out there — female AND male — eager to celebrate the advantages of this and later stages of life.

Consider some of the responses:

I don’t have to pretend to like skiing anymore, I don’t feel guilty about falling asleep reading a book after lunch.  I can wear sensible shoes.  I can drive a Smart Car so I can park where I like.  My wrinkly neck is covered by my extra chin. These are just a few of my favorite things. Nancy Bain

I am free with a whole new agenda. I have more time and passion to pursue things that resonate with me. I care less about what people think and more about people. Nancy Hamilton

1. Thankfully, I started to work out regularly in my 40s and discovered that women my age DO look good in skinny jeans!
 2. No one ever questions my opinions and ideas any more.
 3. I can get away with calling people “dear”. Toni Serofin

Finally I know everything!  LOL!  I do love it.  It’s great to be confident in my life.  The knowledge I have acquired in my 57 years is in my brain somewhere, and I love not being worried about how to find it.  It usually comes to the surface when I need it, for now anyhow.   I am happy with my life, and it is still evolving.  I love being confident in my looks, and my health, and knowing I have achieved this level on my own.   Life is great!! Madeline Bakker

I feel GREAT about turning 65 this year!!!  My body is getting more decrepit than I’d ever thought possible, and my memory is sometimes weird, but oh my, am I more confident and free from the old messages of being ‘nice’ and a ‘lady!’  I also look forward to riding the ferries for free on weekdays and other discounts now that I’m this age…. Jo-Anne Dooley

I can defer my house taxes, take out a line of credit on my mortgage free house, and then spend my kid’s inheritance without guilt. Since retirement, I have time for friends, family, play, swim and run with grandchildren and can walk my dog at six in the morning on the beach meeting other happy dog people there too. Oh, and I am getting new eyes this month so the world will look brighter and clearer soon.  Then maybe a trip to Africa to see things and do something special there. Life is good when one has good health so I am keeping good care of mine… Barbara Hay