May 13 2011

Naming rights and the virtue of wiliness

Naming books is the publisher’s prerogative, and when I first pitched Scott McIntyre the idea for I Feel Great About My Hands two years ago, he reminded me of this.

“Don’t get too attached to your working title,” he cautioned.

But it was too late – I was already attached!

So I paid a visit to the Wakefield studio of photographer Helene Anne Fortin, who captured dozens of beautiful
 images of my hands (see one of my favourites here). We sent half a dozen of the best ones to Douglas & McIntyre and D&M’s senior designer Jessica Sullivan ended up selecting the cover image from among these. She also 
provided a beautiful package for the essays,
poems, drawings and one-woman play the book contains.

As a further bonus, Helene Anne herself contributed both a short essay — “Beauty Redefined” — and a photograph of one
 of her clients to the book.