May 3 2011

Unexpected encounter of the joyous kind

So, I’m on a plane bound for a literacy festival in Saskatoon where I’m delivering eight (what was I thinking – eight!) high school presentations in two days. I’ve spent the entire flight doing something I love: selecting tantalizing excerpts from seven of the essays in I Feel Great About My Hands and stringing them together with transitions and introductions of their fearless authors.

When the plane lands, I stand up to put on my coat and a woman seated in the row immediately behind says to me, “Has anyone ever told you, you have great hands?”

I look at her stunned and manage to blurt out ungraciously, “Are you kidding me?” Because I’m thinking, OK, I must know this woman… or she must know about the book. But how could she, it’s only just out and none of the national papers have reviewed it and we’re in Saskatoon, for Pete’s sake….

And then with a flash of recognition I realize I must be speaking to the brilliant and beautiful Sheree Fitch, the inspirational master of words who penned “At This Stage” — the one woman play that appears in the book, and that I can’t wait to see her perform, hopefully one day soon!